The Ideal Tool For Any Perfectionist


The Ideal Tool For Any Perfectionist has to be a Hitachi Micro Grinder.

From quickly removing nails or rust to detailing wood – these Cordless Micro Grinders are the perfect addition to any tool box or workshop.

With a Reinforced Fiberglass Cut-off wheel, you can melt away rubber – or in my case, in wall faceplates to allow cords to run behind.

I’ll be honest – I do not use this everyday – but the times I have need a precise cut, score or mark – this tool has been a lifesaver.

My favorite feature, (and the best selling point the clerk gave me involved) the accessible speed control dial. It wasn’t until I got home and started finding places to use it that I realized how useful it was.

Side note: I’m a strong believer in buying quality whenever possible – and Li-ion power and a long tool warranty are two perfect reasons to pick this up.

Link to Hitachi’s tool features here.

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