Possible Rayne Clinical Nutrition Recall May Be Imminent

stick found in Rayne dog food

Sticks found in Rayne Clinical Nutrition

A Rayne Clinical Nutrition Recall may be imminent as we have now found 4 hard sticks ranging in size from 1/2 inch – 1-1/2 inch in 3 different batches of dog food. All were mixed in with wet dog food and hard enough to thankfully be noticeable. The sticks were spread out in different containers but at least one was found in the four batches found below.

Low Fat Novel Protein KSP BATCH NUMBERS

SKU: 856-00104

  • Batch: 14/05/27 RA1 RBK
  • Batch: 14/07/03 RA1 RBK
  • Batch: 14/06/12 RA1 RBK

Note: these were the three batches we had where we found sticks. I do not know if batches before/after/between could be effected.

As a consumer our largest concern is after asking multiple times to have the sticks/twigs tested or confirmed they did not pose a health risk, Rayne only took them back after we got our vet involved. We are still awaiting results but only got the ball rolling last Wednesday.

It is an amazing product and we are sure this is isolated – however as consumers we rate this as high urgency. Since the replacement box supplied also contained a small stick fragment (the second in the box of 8 we opened so far) –  we are now in the process of combing through all food prior to feedings. It has gone from a fluke a month ago to three within a week and a half.

Our dog suffers from anxiety and is epileptic. The product and nutritional value is perfect for his needs and if Rayne continues with these issues we will be in a tough spot.


How to avoid sticks in Rayne Clinical Nutrition dog food

Rayne Comb Method


  1. Pile food on one side of bowl
  2. Using a fork, press food down and slide to reverse side of bowl
  3. Move left to right, and then again up to down.
  4. Repeat once or twice to be 100% confident.


Note: We are a customer with limited communication with the company. This blog posting is informative and I hope to update with feedback from Rayne once they confirm what these sticks are and if this issue warrants a recall. I have checked their site and social media and have not seen anything yet.

If your food has issues like the above (or anything that could lead the serious injury of your dog) I would contact Rayne directly from the phone number on their food packaging.

About our dog. – he is 10 lbs so somethings indigestible like sticks is a large concern.

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