Quick and Easy Basement Shelving Plans


Quick and easy basement shelving plans that are perfect for anyone looking to add some quick storage.

The photos and PDF below show my process and overview on this task. If you have any questions you can drop them off here. This is an overview as everyones space is different.

My process is as follows to plan out the project:

  • Measure your space
  • Determine how many levels/shelves you’ll need
  • Plan out your dimensions based on material sizes
  • Visit any Home Centre (Recommend having them cut down your 4’x8′ sheets)
  • Layout shelf(s) in desired area of basement/garage (add a few inches for structure material)

My process is as follows to build:

1. Layout the main support posts (in this case the vertical 60 inch 2×4’s). You can use cut wood pieces to space and square up the posts before you attached the supports for the shelving. For a 19 inch deep unit, lay down 3 2×4’s and 1 2×4 standing on it’s end – this will ensure the post stay100% straight. I also use a 4′ level to ensure the bottom’s line up.


2. Start from the bottom and attach one 19 inch support towards the bottom of each pair of 60 in 2×4’s. I wanted a space to vacuum and retrieve any fallen debris and marked a spare piece of wood. By attaching the 19 inch supports on the ground, it allows you an easy place to measure and compare the left and right sides.


Yes those are pilot holes, I wanted to use up a few shorter screws I had from a previous project and they would not go in as smooth otherwise.

3. After attaching the bottom pair of 19 inch supports, work your way up. I measured the space available and divided it to make the shelf heights even.

4. If you are not curious/cautious about both sides being level, stand up the two constructed sides and use a 12 inch level to make sure.


5. Starting from the bottom, lean one side of the shelf (would resemble a ladder now) against the wall. Secure one side of the 19 inch shelf to the 2×4 laying horizontal. You can then attach the other side and have the foundation for the unit. It helps to have a helper for this next fe steps.

6. With the two sides loosely attached – you can attach one 45 inch support 2×3 underneath. This prevents sagging and also make the unit more sturdy to work with.

7. Repeat the technique in step 5 and 6 unit the unit resembles the below image. For better usability and range of items being stored, I cut 6 inches off a 19 inch shelf. This allowed for better visibility.


8. The rest of the plan below was completed using this strategy. Have fun.

Tips for first time shelf makers…

  • Know your limitations, all projects are easier if you have the right tools or help. This 2-3 hour project (quicker if you don’t care if the shelves are level), could easily take a whole day by simply not having a helper or set of clamps.
  • Get Lowes, Home Depot or similar store to cut long sections. Easier to transport and prevents any possible error on your part
  • Use a Hitachi Li-ion powered drill (this ones a beauty) or similar quality to ensure the battery stays charged and it works.
  • The plans below were for a small 9 foot x 5 foot unused corner in our basement, modify to suit if you plan on using it.

Download my overview sheet (plan) by clicking the image below.




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