How To Pour The Perfect Barbados Rum Punch

How To Pour The Perfect Barbados Rum Punch


After finding a good Barbados Rum Punch recipe you enjoy, the hardest part is rationing it down to servings. Always add ice to the brim, that 4:3:2:1 mix you just made is too ‘rich’ to the casual drinker. As the saying goes, “1 sour, 2 sweet, 3 strong and 4 weak.” One small suggestion, use a good quality Barbados Rum or similar west indian rum. Do not waste time and energy on a white Barcardi. No flavour and cannot be compared. Mount Gay Eclipse can be found in Ontario LCBO. If your lucky enough to be in Alberta, try Mount Gay Black Barrell. How to pour rum punch

Download the straight forward diagram here.

Loaded with Flavour, and Alcohol

Keep in mind a true Barbados Rum Punch recipe is about 3:8 when you compare rum to water and lime juice. So after pouring that 8 oz glass, remember your not legally able to drive in Canada for a good long while. ratio of rum to water/lime Cheers. Enjoy. Drink Responsibly.

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