Great Tool Comparison Website


Great Tool Comparison Website!

I will admit I love the concept and will visit back once they have a more robust selection of tools from all manufacturers. I do think they still have a few month of product reviews and tests to do.

Pros: They have a great comparison feature as well (could not find capacities in the categories but all the standard information is there.) Also, they do not seem to be bias, or sponsored which makes the reviews credible.

Cons: Nothing major besides little things – Refinements will occur over time on the GUI  and a larger selection of tools will make it more relevant to US and Canadian viewers.

My only suggestion: It will be exciting if they start doing onsite demos with 20 minute comparisons. Maybe put 18V Lithium Drills to the test with 1/2″ auger bits through 2’x’4′ or straight cuts along the 8′ edge of board.

Their YouTube videos  are great too – Here’s a good one showing AC Drills

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