Free Small Business Websites


Recently I was asked about affordable hosting solutions. Below I give a quick overview of some of the best I have used been recommended too.

GYBO.COM (Support initiative for Canadian small business)

This is one of the free services I am promoting in my inner circles. What you get

  • Free 12 month hosting (supported by Yola)
  • Free domain registration for one year  (supported by Google)
  • Free backend CMS
  • Support/IT assistance
  • Free $75 Ad-word credits (when you request them)

The obvious catch is while you benefit from free hosting and site creation – you will be committed to the results of the CMS and features.

This is a good quality product – if you’re cheap you can always try it out and transfer the domain after the 60 day cycle has passed.

If you renew – you’re looking at $30 for one year for 5GB data, the Yola template CMS + all the integrated support apps from google labs.



This is the hosting site mentioned above.

The hosting package costs more here and you’re not getting the benefits of the domain name.



Maybe the most aesthetic of the bunch – Webs takes a very modern approach to the CMS and templates offered.

Unfortunately the free package is limited to 0.5 GB of bandwidth making it a tough case to choose.



While they do not have a package focused around business – any purchased domain does come with one free email address and one free “Instatpage” home page.

“.com” domains are $12 ($9 when on sale) and they give you 1GB email and one template homepage (change colour, add social icons or a contact form)

As anyone knows – having a web presence is half the online battle these days. Sites like Get Your Business Online offer great SEO features that can take you that next step.

Either way you go – my advice is you get a few personal referrals for any service you choose. Nothing replaces a personal recommendation.

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