Coke Freestyle, Good or Bad User Experience


Coke Freestyle, Good or Bad User Experience

Recently I caught a movie over at the Scotiabank theater and experienced Coke’s new Freestyle drink dispensers.

While I hate to complain… I do need to write something for the masses since this setup seemed to ned improvement.

For those who have not tried it – Coke Freestyle is a foundation drink machine capable of providing dozens, if not hundred of drink possibilities.

Comedy of Errors

Concession Stand – Besides the initial confusion of not having a drink prepared behind the concession stand – the cashier pointed me in the wrong direction to fill up.

Location – The 6 machines were directly in front of the ticket takers – resulting in three mass groups bottle necking into the area. Spiderman, Savages and Refreshments (me). All competing for some sense of order.

Too many choices – (personal opinion).. but having so many choices caused 3/8 people in-front of me to “shop” for the flavour. I’m sure 80% of them wanted either Coke or Sprite – but now they had too much to decide on.

Broken – 2/6 machines were not working causing more confusion then normal.


While I was ecstatic to have a Vanilla Coke – the wait and setup of this service needs more time. Both for users to streamline their decision making as well as the theatre to rearrange a few things to regiment the process.

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