BBQ Perfect Corn Every Time In 30 Minutes

BBQ Corn Finished

BBQ Perfect Corn Every Time is a quick and easy side dish to make.


1. Tinfoil
2. Butter or Garlic Butter
3. White Onion
4. Sweet Corn
5. Knife
6. BBQ

Result: Wrapping in onion helps prevent direct heat while adding flavor. For best results coat in fresh garlic or garlic butter.


Step 1: Gather supplies. Soak corn without tusks in water for 10 minutes

BBQ Corn Ingredients

Step 2: Slice onion, place on tinfoil

BBQ Corn Secret

 Step 3: Wrap onion around corn

 STEP 4: Place on BBq, turning 90° every 5 minutes for 20-30 minutes


BBQ Corn

 Step 5: Take off BBQ and Let stand for 3-4 minutes


Step 6: Enjoy

BBQ Corn Meal

BBQ perfect corn every time by simply wrapping in onion and seasoning with garlic, salt and butter. Can be prepared hours in advance and left in the fridge. There are dozens of ways to make great corn but this is the best way I prefer to make BBQ perfect corn every time.



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