3 Technologies To Keep An Eye On


3 Technologies To Keep An Eye On involve concepts that elevate the user’s ability to control and operate a device.

Aesthetics and ergonomics are always great ways to enhance a product/technology, but these three technologies bring it to a whole new level.

Wireless Keyboard (With Lasers!)

Celluon has utilized a patent that gauges distance and space in relation to the laser. Their keyboard and mouse are just the starting points.

These ideas have been seen by any Sci-Fi fanatic.

Like technology before it, once demand increases, this technology will shrink in size to get embedded in monitors, handheld devices and government buildings (International keyboards).


The Drills Are Now In Charge (Brushless Motors and Control Panels)

I have not been this excited since Power tools took the universal step towards Lithium-ion batteries. But this idea took some smart engineers and focus groups to provide an elegant feature to the masses.

I’ll highlight Hitachi’s Brushless Series since they always seem to be ahead of the curve. Side note – I’m a bit bias since my tool collection is 98% Hitachi.

This new brushless lineup offers a central control panel that allows the user to now only monitor battery charge (similar to competitors), but it also allows the DIY’r or contractor to determine the maximum power to the drill – all from one location. The impact lineup even has a 2 speed options for the impact rate.


3D Printers

Any engineer or kid at heart can appreciate the beauty of 3D Printing. While the price tags are still too high for everyday consumers – I for one am eagerly awaiting the day I see one in Best Buy.

With multiple uses for manufacturing and the life – 3D printing would allow designers an impressive way to showcase “one-of-a-kind” ideas to boards and departments like embossed and de-bossed proposals for printing.


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