• Google + April Fools = Awesome

    Google April Fools is Awesome For the past few years, every morning I check to see what google is up to. Like years before, this did not disappoint. Above is the “official” video from google themselves. — Also, on MArch 31, 2012, Google also uploaded a video on their new “Fiber” project. Seen below.

  • Humour on the Error Page

    Humour on the 404… I’ll be honest – I was excited to test drive this startup site to see the features and limitations for corporate and personal applications. But what I received was equally rewarding – one of the best 404/error pages I’ve seen in awhile. http://moably.com/ is a great concept and I’m looking forward …

  • Society 6

      This site speaks for itself. Take a look and explore all the amazing work for sale. http://society6.com/ Tons of content being constantly updated. Clothing, framed prints, iphone cases etc. Here is some great work by Matthew Parsons, also – some work based in Typography¬†and some based in¬†humor.

  • Virgin’s Valentines Flyer

    A change of pace from the loose flyers advertising services and 10% deals – Virgin’s latest piece gives customers a reason to read the entire message. The picture says it all. In most ways I wish all advertising would engage potential customers this way.