Photosynth (by Microsoft)


Photosynth (by Microsoft) is worth downloading from the App Store!

What is Photosynth? It is a free application for PC users and mobile devices that can capture a 3D space. Think Panorama except it can cover the full 360° including floor and ceiling.

Examples from

Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam
Gene’s Can Collection
Casa Marina Resort

In the old days the main options for this effect involved javascript and conforming the a preexisting player. Microsoft (with some synergy with “Bing” ads everywhere) – gives users a simple and free option to capture and display their “3D world”

Main Screenshots from an iPhone

It could not be more intuitive, the hardest part is rotating the device and keeping the lighting consistent.

Once everything is captured Photosynth uploads to your free account or stores on your phone. PC users can also stitch directly on their home PC’s.

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