HTML 5 Animation Software


HTML 5 Animation Software is starting to roll out to the masses.

We are in the early stages of programmers bringing out WebKit based software to allow designers and coders a quick and fluid way to create basic web animations and in some cases full websites.

Keep in mind these programs are in early stages and vary in difficulty when adding custom javascript and extras.

Testing from the ground up

Anyone who has worked with timelines in Director or Flash will feel right at home. The site I show above consisted of one page and allows iPhone users a simple landing page with applicable links. Check out the actual live page at

These programs including HYPE (picture screenshot above) and Adobe Edge (In Preview stage at Adobe Labs still) all produce stunning content compatible across all browsers. Hype is in the app store for $50 while Edge is currently free to test for people enrolled with a free Adobe membership.

Why is this relevant and important?

HTML5 is becoming the new standard for bringing information to the masses online. These programs offer a quick implementation of animations that are compatible with the top 7 browsers on desktop and mobile devices.

Using images, links, layered information, embedded video and capable of expanding with additional javascript – be prepared for HYPE and EDGE to become household names within the next year.

Also, if you are looking to dive deeper – Sencha Touch 2 was released this week and offers users the ability to make mobile apps. Free for personal use but some coding knowledge is required.

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