Get Out of The Doghouse – in under 6 minutes

doghouse berries

Every conflict needs a quick way to balance itself out.

There are two ways to make mouth watering strawberries, but in both cases you need to pick quality strawberries. There is no use in trying the below steps if you would settle for soggy or overripe berries.

doghouse berries

Who knew happiness was actually covered in chocolate...


6 Minute (get out of the doghouse) Method

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate Chips, bowl, microwave, wax paper and spoon.


1. Place half bag of chocolate chips in microwave safe bowl
2. Microwave for 40 seconds (or until soft), stir melted and soft chocolate, microwave for another 20-30 seconds
3. Cover strawberries in melted chocolate + place on wax paper
4. Place in fridge for 5-10 minutes
5. Serve


Classic Method – Stove Top

Ingredients: Pure chocolate (no Oh Henry or Bounty chocolate bars here) – I recommend Hersey’s Milk or Dark chocolate bars. Saucepan, stove top, wax paper and a spoon.


1. Break chocolate bar using your hands into smaller pieces and place over low heat.
2. Stir constantly to avoid chocolate from burning. Patience is key here, can take 20+ minutes
3. Using a spoon, coat melted chocolate over strawberries and rest on wax paper
4. Place in fridge to harden
5. Serve

Remember not to add any water as this could create the chocolate to seize up making it unusable. A secret if it does seize is to use a small amount of cream or vegetable oil. Personally – dipped strawberries should only consist of berries and chocolate – no extras.


If you’re looking for brownie points, melt a second batch of white or dark chocolate to decorate,… but if your in that much trouble you might need to make dinner in addition to dessert.


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