Best Web Form Builder Software


Best Web Form Builder Software on the market was just launched March 12, 2012 and is packed with features.

Lite vs. Full Versions

The benefit to the full version allows you to host all forms (unlimited qty and traffic) on your own server. If you want to use the S-Drive service ($0-$25/month), you can download the free (Lite) version. To be 100% honest – I am surprised it only costs $69.

Similar to word press or any content management system (CMS), Form Builder from Coffee Cup Software give you a “no code” solution. Better yet – they offer online hosting support competitive to the industry.

Design Perspective

We are talking about making a modern looking form (with complete colour and size control) in minutes. There are some pre made templates but you have complete control.

Coding Perspective

The hardcore coders will always have limitations with any prebuilt option – but for most projects that need to gather information, registrations, contests etc – this is one of the better options I’ve seen. We are talking about reducing time without sacrificing results.

Both lite and full versions already have a built in database on the backend that allows you to retrieve all data though a CSV file. Instantly, at anytime.

Best Features (My Opinion)

  • Automatically verify user input for email and password fields
  • Multiple files can be uploaded at once
  • Multiple reCAPTCHA theme options
  • Log your form results to a MySQL database or CSV file (comma separated values)
  • Fully customize your form embeds

Why is this worthy – The software can also be hosted on your existing site retaining the full functionality and preventing added hosting costs. Yes – That is huge.

While there are tons of options out there, this is looking like a leader. And yes – if you prefer to code yourself that is good too!

Check out the OSX version here or check out the Windows version here.

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