Amazing Online Catalogue Solution from Uniflip


An Amazing Online Catalogue Solution from Uniflip

I’ll be quick to confirm that there are 100’s of similar products out there but this one rises to the top for a few reasons.

1. Low Cost (19-$79) per issue – depending on how many issues you convert
2. Automatic publication to mobile and tablet devices (no extra fee)
3. Download all files (everything) at anytime to host on your own site
4. Includes free 12 month hosting
5. Converts embedded links (or create your own) in minutes

You can also modify any navigation button on the interface, add corporate logos on the loading page, improve SEO keywords and more. Some similar services with these features cost $250+ per publication and do not give you the same results.

Until Adobe improves the digital suite to produce this level of output – Uniflip is a great resource to have.

The best part comes from inserting an <iframe> Tag

With simple iframe tag in a index.html file – you can quickly embed your newly created online catalogue link and analytics code to have the entire publication within a known web domain. Like always try to avoid sending visitors to a different site to explore – even though Uniflip did all the work for you – you want them at

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